Ahmad Adel Gad was born in Egypt-Cairo on June, 1980.

He was graduated from faculty of engineering (Civil Engineering Department) on 2003.

He found himself in Software Developing rather than the civil engineering since the first year in the college as they were teaching them how to write a code since the first year in order to implement applications to support their work.

Direct after he was graduated from college, he decided to shift to the Software Engineering.

On 2004 he started to develop Desktop Applications for Windows with his partner the CEO Wael Ibrahim Arafa in his company Arafasoft and his role was the executive manager for the company.

On the early 2007, he attended a scholarship for Software Engineering in C#.

On the early of 2008, he had certified as Microsoft Solutions Developer (MCSD) for C# 2003.

On the middle of 2008 he had certified on (Microsoft Certified Trainer) MCT where he got an official license from Microsoft to deliver Microsoft official courses.

Due to his wide horizons and his great communication skills, he was promoted quickly to the management and consultant positions adopting the management trying to adopt the PMP and Agile methodologies.

Currently, Ahmad is working as full time Development Lead in Software Engineering Company in Egypt.
And he’s working as freelancer in the following fields as training, consultation and developing with the two languages VB.Net and C#.Net:

1.       Windows Applications
2.       ASP.Net Applications
3.       SharePoint Developing/Administration
4.       SQL Server Developing/Administration
5.       AJAX Implementation (JavaScript/jQuery + XML Web Service)
6.       Cryptography/Digital Signature Consultation

Currently, Ahmad is officially certified as:

MCPD Enterprise

Contact Methods:


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